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Proper Way to Setup Fonts in Emacs

I have set up my system to start up an emacs daemon automatically at system startup, to avoid the several seconds delay when I want to edit a file. The problem is, that setting up fonts does not work when there are no open frames. Moreover, in archlinux, emacs 24.5.1 actually crashes if I do that. The surprising thing is that setting up fonts via either of the hooks after-make-frame-functions or before-make-frame-hook does not work - the former does not set them up the first time a frame is opened, and the second one continues leading to a crash (as one might expect)....

January 11, 2016

Org-Capture Chrome Extension

I wrote up a small chrome extension for org-protocol. Comments, improvements and positive criticism are all welcome. The code is available at The extension can be installed from Enjoy!

July 7, 2015

Disabling helm-mode for org-mode org-set-tags in emacs

I recently started using helm-mode again and find ir pretty good, except for a quirk: It does not allow to tag a heading in org with more than one tag. The code uses the 24.4 advice system, but porting it back shouldn’t be a problem. I noticed that when providing tags in a capture via the template mechanism, helm is still used. But I’ll fix that at a later point....

May 3, 2014